About Us

It is the mission of My Professional Educator to provide quality pre-licensing and continuing education by informed instructors at affordable cost to the professional communities the company serves.

Quality instructors are an essential ingredient for professional instruction-Learning starts and ends with quality instructors. My Professional Educator is therefore seeking instructors who demonstrate through experience, credentials and other means that the instructor is an expert that is able to impart his or her expertise to students in an appropriate learning environment. Depending upon the subject area, the curriculum involved and the target audience, My Professional Educator plans to offer classroom instruction as well as webinars and other on line instruction tools.

The Company will seek instructors who satisfy one or more of the following criteria:

Industry Professional. My Professional Educator seeks instructors that have a least five years of professional experience in the industry in a position that bears directly on the subject they are teaching. When instructing professionals, there is no substitute for having such experience.

Regulatory Experience. Regardless of your professional field, regulation is a part of your everyday life and compliance is critical to your professional success. For this reason, My Professional Educator will seek out instructors who have experience as state and federal regulators. The insight a current or former regulator may provide is critical to advise and instruct the regulatory community.

Experienced Instructors. My Professional Educator will recruit instructors who have proven excellence in teaching students in a particular subject area.

My Professional Educator is an approved Continuing Education Provider for the New Jersey Real Estate Commission.  The company plans to commence instruction in the mortgage lending and brokering field, where regulatory change is occurring and quality instruction is required. The company aims to train and educate individuals on all aspects of the Mortgage Lending industry and SAFE act, on both the national and state levels.

Going forward, the Company will provide professional educational opportunities in other fields, such as law, accounting, real estate or wherever else professional education is needed.